Socorro exceeded all expectations

The trip to the Socorros Islands exceeded all expectations. On topside, the crew, food, and accommodations were five star. With full bellies and friendly dive masters, we were welcomed to the Pacific Ocean with great arms and rocky skiff trips. The moments with the giant manta rays felt like time stopped when they swam at eye level. They performed their weekly dance routines and allowed the divers to enjoy the show. The sharks, notably silky sharks, were abundant in numbers and did not mind the divers, and continued with their usual daily activities. Sparsely interspersed between the manta rays and sharks were quick dolphin interactions. When we would return to the Belle Amie, there was a warm cup of hot chocolate or tea waiting for us. Though we did not experience the large amount of dolphins and hammerheads we anticipated, we were still thrilled with the experience of all dives with the great divemasters. The crew, captain, and chef did an amazing job of meeting everyone´s needs and ensuring everyone enjoyed their time.


By Nautilus Guests

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