Blue Whales!!! At Socorro!!!

Blue whales north of Isla San Benedicto.  8 of them!!!  Whaaaat!!!!    We departed Cabo last night for one of our last Socorro trips of this season.  The weather is wonderful, bright blue sky… and all of a sudden Captain Gordon saw a spout in the distance. That’s unusual for this time of year.  The humpback whales have headed north for Alaska. .   And the spout was way too big for any of the smaller whales.    A few moments later we saw another spout and it was huge.   Suddenly we were being escorted by a massive blue whale.  She was literally 20 metres from our boat.   We had the privilege of her presence for 10 minutes and what a feeling.  She was so big and beautiful and graceful and gorgeous.  We haven’t even  arrived at Socorro yet and already our guest have seen the largest animal that ever lived on earth!!   What a way to start this adventure.

– Nicolas, Dive Guide

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