Sharks, Giant Mantas, False Killer Whales, thousands of fish, and more!

We are finishing our second day in this wonderful trip. Yesterday the water was a bit cold for me (Caribbean diver), but the mother nature gave us manta rays, a bunch of sharks (galapagos silver tips, black tip, and a long etc) & dolphins too, just starting our dives. We woke up at Roca Partida today, the rock is amazing full of fish, thousands of yellow fin tunas brighting as starts in the blue water, white tip sharks resting in the balconies, big groups of big wahoos swimming around, and the cherry on the cake… hundreds of false killer whales signing us around for minutes while we snorkel with them.
That is a resume of our just two days of diving, but I can’t finish this post without expressing my grateful to the super professional crew, and specially to the chef for the kilograms I am earning with such good food he prepare us every day!!!
Let’s go for more!!!
– Francisco Davids 

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