What the crossing is like between Cabo San Lucas and San Benedicto Island

Location: Lee of the volcano, San Benedicto Island and Isla Revillagigedos, Mexico

Comments: What a beautiful night. We are anchored in the lee of San Benedicto Island, tucked in beside the moonlit volcano. It is spectacular. I often get asked what the open ocean crossing is like between Cabo San Lucas and Socorro Island. Well, it takes 24-25 hours depending on the sea state and is usually pretty comfortable. Especially in a larger stabilized steel dive boat like the Nautilus Explorer. The first 5 hours of this crossing were silky smooth. As we moved further away from the tip of Baja California, the seas picked up to a 6ft swell quartering off our starboard stern with the ship rolling about 5 to 10 degrees each way on an 8.5 second period. One out of our 24 guests felt seasick but was a lot better after we loaned her an electronic anti-seasickness wristband. Everyone else seemed to enjoy the open ocean air, the motion and the beautiful sunset. In fact, just about everybody on board turned out on the hot tub deck to watch the sunset. The day seemed to pass very quickly, putting together dive gear, learning about mantas and how to interact with them, lots of great food, a late afternoon marine ID presentation combined with some adult beverages, loads of flying fish and a pod of dolphins escorting us into San Benedicto. All told, I would describe the crossing as relaxing and pleasant with a mostly easy motion of the vessel.

–Captain Mike

Weather: Clear. Wind 10 knots from the northwest. Low swell in the anchorage. Full moon. Temp 74°F.

Water: Water temp and vis unknown.

By Nautilus Staff

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