Night dive at Socorro Island

Location: The Canyon, southwest Benedicto, the Aquarium, San Benedicto Island.

Comments: Diving conditions were not that great today at San Benedicto Island. We dove the Boiler yesterday afternoon and it was really quiet with poor visibility, no giant manta rays and no sharks. So we went back to the Canyon this morning and it was quiet as well, no critters and poor visibility. It is very unusual for both dive sites to be down so I went to plan C and staged a dive on the wall at Southwest Benedicto. I dove this site for the first time last spring and have had very good luck finding hammerheads and silky sharks cruising along the wall, as well as lots of cool pinnacles, coral heads and blue water with very good visibility.  Unfortunately, the only good thing I could say about the site today is that the wall is still there. The visibility was terrible so I made a command decision to end the dive day early and light out for Socorro Island. Our friends on the Solmar V frequent a site there called the Aquarium. It is nice but not too sharky, which makes it perfect for a night dive. We arrived there at 8 pm and launched our divers shortly afterwards. You can imagine my sigh of relief when they reported back that it was a great night dive with nice visibility and lots of critters including dense nests of Socorro lobsters. Phew!

–Captain Mike

Weather: Dark but moonlit sky with lots of stars. 73°F, 10-knot winds, low swell.

Water: Water temperature of 73°F. 60ft vis.

By Nautilus Staff

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