Dive of a lifetime with 50 dolphins at Socorro Island

Location: Punta Tosca, Socorro Island, Revillagigedo Archipelago, Baja California, Mexico
Comments: Divemaster Sten reports that many of our guests had the dive of their lifetime today!!  A pod of dolphins showed up and hung around, coming in VERY close to the divers – right up to their masks apparently!!  Dolphins reportedly “leaned” on the ascent line as well as “standing straight up” and presenting themselves to divers for petting.   The dophins came in groups of two and two and then as a family of 20.   Sten estimates that there were more than 50 dolphins interacting with the divers.  I would have loved to have seen that.   Oh yeah, Sten also reports that they saw a big tigershark in 20 metres of water, a number of hammerhead sharks and a couple of mantas as well as all the regular fish commonly seen at Socorro Island.   Sounds like an incredible day!!   Captain Mike
Weather: Low swell from the northwest, sunny, light winds.
Water: Water temperature 80°F, visibility 100 feet plus.