Sea of Cortez is truly rich in fishlife and biomass

Location: El Mogote whalesharks and the wreck of the car ferry Salvatierra, Sea of Cortez, Baja California, Mexico
Comments: Divemaster Sten reports that their first dive of the day was on the sunken car ferry Salvatierra.  It was  full of small baitfish and very active chasing snappers, and groupers.  It was so busy that it felt like being in a living snowstorm  of fish running all over in all directions that now and then you lost the sight of your dive buddy. Sea of Cortez is maybe not the best place for big critters, but rich of fish! Talking about big critters, we did the whaleshark snorkeling again and had 5 of them.  Everyone saw them.  But this time they where not staying and feeding at the surface but resting their tails to the sand bottom as last time.  Just in 30 feet of water a young Humpback came by…
Weather: Hot, sunny, clear, light winds.
Water: Lower visibility in the shallows of El Mogote but good everywhere else, water temperature 79 degree F