Silky sharks swimming in the moonlight

Location: Roca Partida, Socorro/Revillagigedo Islands, Mexico
Comments: Divemaster Sten reports that their first dive was a sight! Two whalesharks.  One was the size of a bus! 45-50 feet long and a little brother of maybe 21 feet. We also got visits of giant manta rays.  It was a good start and we had the whale sharks around the rock for the rest of the day.  We were seeing the whitetip reef sharks of course but just a few galapagos and silvertip sharks – likely because of the relatively warm water?  A good day.  At night with no moon we where surrounded by about a 50 silky sharks chasing flying fish in the floodlights of the Nautilus Explorer.
Weather: Overcast, the odd rain shower, air temperature low 80’s, very unusual and odd winds coming from the southwest (instead of the prevailing northwesterlies), low northwest swell.
Water: Visibility 120 feet with some green water, water temperature 80 degrees F.