Scopolamine Patches Making for a Comfortable Day in Bigger Seas

Location: Enroute from San Jose del Cabo to San Benedicto Island, Socorro/Revillagigedos, Mexico

Comments: We are at sea today enroute from Cabo San Lucas/San Jose del Cabo to San Benedicto Island with the roughest weather we have seen this season. There was a big honking storm with humongous seas off the Oregon/California coast a couple of days ago and we are getting the residual wave train of 7 to 8 feet on a fairly long period. The ride on the good ‘ol Nautilus Explorer isn’t bad but we are getting the occasional haystack where the energy of waves from different directions converges and literally piles up into a column of water, as well as potholes where the opposite happens and you get a deep trough.

Most of our guests are up and about though and quite cheerful. Scopolamine patches have made a huge difference and impact on the ability of divers with “weaker stomaches” to venture out into open ocean quite comfortably. It’s quite amazing what scopolamine has done for most folks’ comfort levels out here.

This is our first post-Christmas-layup trip and the ship is looking tidy, trim, vigorous and raring to go with a newly detailed interior, freshly painted decks and a sewage system with the accretion of solids pumped out by truck and lovingly inspected and scrubbed clean by a local plumber with the help of one of our able-bodied and very good spirited divemasters (we had been having “odour” problems this fall for the first time in the 7 years since the ship was launched). I’m planning on a dinnertime arrival at El Canyon dive site at Isla San Benedicto tonight with our first splash at 07:45 tomorrow morning. Happy holidays everyone.

–Captain Mike


Weather: Mid level broken stratus clouds, winds from the north 15 knots, seas 7 to 8 feet swell from the north but starting to diminish.. Air temperature high 70’s.

Water: Water temperature and visibility unknown

By Nautilus Staff

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