Inadvertently Diving with a Young Humpback Whale Escorted by Dolphins

Location: Punta Tosca, Socorro Island, Revillagigedos

Comments: At this time of year, we are often asked by guests about the Humpback whales that gather around Socorro and the Revillagigedos. These gentle giants are easily and often spotted on the surface, but as we tell our guests, the opportunity to see a Humpback whale, diving with it underwater on scuba is rare and often inadvertent. But it does happen, and today luck was with a few of our guests who jumped in off the back of the boat, sans scuba, to snorkel with some dolphins that had been playing nearby, and were given the dive of a lifetime by some passing humpback whales that made one close pass. Swimming with a young humpback whale escorted by bottlenosed dolphins is definitely one for the logbook. All this, by the way, was experienced between the actual dives at Punta Tosca in Socorro that day. The diving itself was wonderful, with excellent visibility and some cooperative and friendly hammerhead sharks. Here’s hoping that future dives stand up to this standard!

–DM Sandy


Weather: High broken clouds, 15 knots of wind, whitecaps offshore but calm in our anchorage, air temperature 86°F

Water: Water temperature 72°F, visibility 100 feet plus plus plus…

By Nautilus Staff

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