Welcomed to Socorro by Hammerhead Sharks, Dolphins and Giant Mantas

Location: The Canyon, Giant’s Causeway, The Boiler at San Benedicto Island, Socorro, Revillagigedos

Comments: Our February 6th to February 15th trip to the Revillagigedo islands began with a slightly late start due to the arrival of a brand new compressor, outboard engine, and the new anchor and chain needed after our little squall adventure in December. But the weather gods smiled on us, and the smooth crossing to San Benedicto was as good as we could have hoped. It was almost hard to tell that we had left the harbour.

We began our diving today, on the south end of San Benedicto at a dive site called the Giants’ Causeway or the Southwest San Benedicto dive. We were welcomed by dolphins on our very first dive, and the conditions were excellent. On the second dive, the giant mantas made an appearance! We had relocated to a site called The Canyon, where we had numerous sightings of hammerhead sharks, most notably a very large and curious fellow who made several circles about the same cleaning station. Our last dive for day 1 was at The Boiler, on the western side of the island. The swell was up that dive, which can result in surge at the dive site, but as the veterans will tell you time and again, surge is no problem if you ignore it! All told, a great start to the trip.

–DM Sandy


Weather: Broken clouds, lots of sunshine, light winds from the west, swell outside the protected anchorage, air temp 84°F

Water: Water temperature 72°F, visibility 75 feet

By Nautilus Staff

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