The Giant Mantas Are Back!!

Location: The Boiler, Isla San Benedicto, Socorro Island, Revillagigedos, Mexico

Comments: Well once again Isla Revillagigedos pulled through for us. Having returned from Roca Partida and 2 days of breathtaking diving, we had to wonder “where are the mantas?” It was probably the first time in this season that we hadn’t had great interaction with lots of giant mantas at Roca Partida, and although the diving there was fantastic and unforgettable, we were starting to miss our big winged friends.

So off we went to The Boiler, an underwater pinnacle off of Isla San Benedicto, to try and find them. After anchoring on site, we eagerly splashed into the water looking for them. The whole first dive, we patiently waited, and observed the remarkable structure of The Boiler with its abundant reef ecosystem, including numerous friendly octopi. Looking out into the blue, however, revealed nothing. But as we ascended to our safety stops, riding in the mild surge, finally there they were! Two mantas, one black, one chevron, stayed with us on the last 5 minutes of our first dive, and every diver was making the most of their air to stay with these wonderful creatures.

After the first dive, we couldn’t get back in the water quick enough, and sure enough the mantas were still there, and in bigger numbers! The rest of our day at The Boiler was shared with 3 friendly, graceful mantas that obligingly allowed wonderful photographic opportunities and interactions. A fantastic bookend to the trip and everyone left for home with a smile on their face.

–DM Sandy


Weather: The air temperature is 78°F, with a low northwest swell of 5 feet with a wind chop on top

Water: The water temperature is 72°F, and the visibility is 70 feet.

By Nautilus Staff

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