Bad Weather, If at First You Don’t Succeed…

Location: The Canyon, San Benedicto Island, Socorro, Revillagigedos, Mexico

Comments: This trip was one of several firsts. We left at 1830 from San Jose del Cabo on 15 March. The ride was good until we got out past the lee of the peninsula. Then the wind then started to blow, the waves started to build and at 2230 Captain Mike made the difficult decision to turn around and return to port. The winter seas around Cabo San Lucas and Socorro Island are usually quite benign and this is the first time in 4 seasons that we have encountered seas rough enough to make us even consider turning around. It certainly has been a strange year for weather. Hmmmm… So while the storm blew over the Pacific and the Revillagigedo Archipelago our guests spent a very windy day (35 to 40 knots shoreside!!) exploring Cabo San Lucas on foot, going for boat tours in our skiffs and watching videos of our trips to Alaska and Guadalupe Great White Sharks with a margarita or mojito in hand.

March 17 arrived with a beautiful sunrise and the fishing boats that had been absent the day before were lined up to leave the harbour. Although the storm was still just ahead of us we left at noon and headed south for what turned out to be a pleasant crossing with the wind dropping the whole day allowing us to arrive at San Benedicto in time for two dives at the Canyon followed by a crab boil on the “moon deck.”

We started Dive day 2 by checking in at the Navy base and then picking up three underwater photographers from the World Wildlife Federation who had been waiting for us at Socorro Island during the storm (unable to dive). From there we went to Cabo Pearce. Throughout all 3 dives at Cabo Pearce we could hear the humpback whales singing in the background. In between dives two and three several guests were out snorkeling when a humpback whale mom and calf happened along and checked out the snorkellers. The encounter was, of course, an incredible experience.

–DM Tricia


Weather: Air temperature 80°F, partly cloudy, light winds, moderate swell

Water: Water temp 71°F, visibility 50 feet