Female great white shark at Guadalupe Island in August???

Location: Shark Cove, Guadalupe Island, Mexico
Got a note from Captain Rob this morning that they saw a very large female great white shark on station at Guadalupe Island.   This is exceptionally interesting to me.   The shark experts and scientists have always been in agreement that while male great whites are present from early summer onwards, female sharks don’t show up until mid-September .   And that the really big females don’t show up until the middle of October.   So what the heck is going on with a sighting of a large female at the end of August!!!!    I thought it was a typo in Rob’s note and called the boat on the satellite phone to confirm  – yup, lead divemaster Sten (aka Vikingo) confirms that he is absolutely sure that he has seen a very large female on every dive day of this trip so far.    Just when you think you are starting to understand something about these magnificent sharks, they give us a nudge as if to say “you really don’t understand us at all”…   Only 2 great white shark sightings on the surface today but the submersible cage had a steady stream of sharks all day long. Whoooeeee, am I ever glad that we built that submersible shark cage.  I wonder what it is going to feel like  standing on the clear lexan floor over the abyss with white sharks swimming underneath.  I should be able to report back on this when I am onsite next Tuesday.   Captain Mike
Weather: Another hot, calm, sunny beautiful day at Guadalupe Island.  Temperatures low 80’s.
Water: Water temperature 71 degrees, visibility 100 feet plus.

By Nautilus Staff

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