Hot great white shark diving at Guadalupe Island

Location: Shark Bay, Guadalupe Island, Mexico
The crew out on the shiprwere busier than heck during our Guadalupe season opener  great white shark trip on the Nautilus Explorer.   I wish that I could have been there and am very fortunate to have the extremely capable Captain Rob onboard in my place.   Rob reports that they had an easy transit down to Guadalupe in a gentle 4 – 6 foot ocean swell with a long period.   Weighing in at over 2 to 3 times the weight and displacement of the other shark diving boats,  a stabilized steel ship like the Nautilus just eats up the sea miles in a  swell like that with a very comfortable ride.   The Nautilus arrived on site at Guadalupe Island with sunny skies and calm seas at their anchorage –  I should say “second preferred anchorage” because the Solmar V was parked right where Rob and Sten wanted to drop the hook.   No worries and no problem and lots of room AND WHITE SHARKS for both boats.  Day 1 marked great interaction with 4 different sharks including “White Nose” and another large and yet-to-be identified shark as well as the inaugural dive of our new submersible cage.  The submersible cage ride was reportedly AWESOME and Rob sent me a satellite message saying that it felt as if he was  in a submarine.  Day 2 saw interaction with 4 more sharks including 2 small males.  More information to follow.  Captain Mike
Weather: A calm, sunny beautiful day in Mexico with temperatures in the low 80’s and no wind.
Water: Water temperature 71 degrees, visiblity 100 feet plus in very blue, blue water.

By Nautilus Staff

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