Great white shark soaks everybody on the back deck

Location: White shark bay, Guadalupe Island, Baja California, Mexico
The guests and crew of the Nautilus Explorer had a fairly rough start to their voyage home from Guadalupe Island at the end of their last trip with an 8 to 9 foot swell for the first several hours.   However, the seas dropped down to a much easier 6 feet by midnight and it was flat calm the next morning for the last of their run into Ensenada.  Our amazing and very hardworking crew turned the ship around in 6 hours and then it was time for another 20 hour steam back down to Isla Guadalupe  –  or the island of great white sharks as we prefer to call it!!   Day 1 started and remained very active.  We had 6 different mature male great white sharks visit us throughout the day, including “white nose”.  He is not one of the well known white sharks (Shredder, Bruce etc.).  It seems he hurt his nose in a recent altercation in which he may have also retained other lacerations visible on his body.  It doesn’t seem to bother him though; (he was seen on the last trip as well). There was one smaller, very aggressive male great white around all day who never tired of rushing back and forth in front of the cages.  He made many vertical attacks from below and thrashed the cages with his tail several times.  He even soaked the back deck spectators once when his thrashing caudal fin broke the surface.  Very cool stuff and anxious to see what tomorrow holds.  Captain Rob.
Weather: Clear, air temperatures in the mid 80’s, less than 10 knots of wind, calm in our anchorage.
Water: Water temperature 71 degrees, visibility 100 feet plus.

By Nautilus Staff

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