Submersible great white shark cage is a big hit!

Location: White shark bay, Guadalupe Island, Baja California, Mexico
Day 2 of our current great white shark expedition was a little bit slower but steady all the same.  However it did start with a splash, a breach actually!  At about 0800 a male breached clear of the water.  A few guests got a perfect view, others just heard the splash and saw the resultant water disturbance, but were still very impressed.
Around lunch time the vis dropped to about 40 ft due to a strong katabatic wind flowing down an ash slope to the north of us.  The current brought the silty water to our area, so we hauled anchor and moved to the south.  This was a great success as we found clear water again, and two different sharks which we had not seen yet – one very small male (2.5 m), and one quite a bit larger.  We have had 3 tours along the shoreline in our rubber boat so far.  The elephant seal sightings have been very good.  There are many, very small pups.  The calls and cries from these entertaining animals can be heard almost constantly from the decks of the Nautilus Explorer.
Our submersible cage has been a big hit.  Many of the great white sharks seem very curious and descend and circle the cage at 40ft.  In fact there have been times when our guests in the surface cages have had a period with no sightings, yet the guests in the sub cage, upon surfacing have reported a shark continuously checking them out!    Another great addition this season are our 4 underwater cameras, including one on the sub cage, which allow everyone to monitor the depths without getting wet.   We are experimenting with these to determine which is the best way to align them.   Captain Rob
Weather: Mostly clear skies, air temperatures 28C during the day, 22C in the evening and flat calm seas in our anchorage.   The moon is now waxing towards its full phase (September 15) which will shine beautiful evening moonlight on the eastern slopes of this remote oceanic volcanic island.
Water: Water temperature 71 degrees, visibility 125 feet.

By Nautilus Staff

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