Navy frigate guarding the Guadalupe great white sharks

Location: Shark Bay, Guadalupe Island, Baja California, Mexico
It’s great to be back at the helm of the Nautilus Explorer.  We had an easy crossing from Ensenada in 4 to 6 foot seas with light winds.  I had one heckuva surprise when I arrived at our anchorage to find a 200 foot Mexican navy frigate anchored on station.   It wouldn’t normally be a big deal except that after working hard for the last 2 years on our 6 different and required Mexican permit applications, we are short the 1 final signature that allows us to use tuna throw-lines.  We’ve been waiting for that last signature since July 12th!!  Anyways, a full navy and PROFEPA boarding team came aboard the Nautilus and scrutinized our paperwork in great detail.  Everything was absolutely fine except for this one signature and it was business as usual onboard with the exception of the throwline.   There are lots of great white sharks around the boat  (5 different animals today) and we are getting close passes although not as many as usual without the tuna throw line.  Guests are happy.  The crew is happy.  The navy is happy.  The great white sharks are happy.  We have been zinging the submersible cage up and down every 45 minutes all day long and the great whites are very intrigued by it and follow it up and down.  Diving to 40 feet in the cage is totally independent of any need for tuna or bait.  We support the Mexican navy’s decision to base a frigate at Guadalupe Island.  The sharks and other marine critters here are a very valuable and threatened resource and it’s great to see the government of Mexico zealously guarding these animals.  Captain Mike
Weather: Sunny, temperature in the low 80’s, less than 10 knots of wind, calm seas.
Water: Water temperature 71 degrees, visibility 100 feet plus

By Nautilus Staff

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