Another wreck dive off La Paz

Location: Espiritu Santo, Sea of Cortez, Baja California, Mexico
We made this morning’s  dive at whale island. Explored the caverns and swimthrough and found some beautiful nudibranchs. Had a closer look on two different cleaning stations  –  one attended by barberfish and the other by juvenile mexican Hogfish.    We then got underway and steamed down to the wreck of the Salvatierra  –  a car and truck ferry that sank under mysterious circumstances in the mid 1980’s.  Interesting timing on the sinking as it occurred shortly after another company started up with state-of-the-art ferries on the same route.  We saw fish everywhere! Big schools of snappers groupers, even schools of pufferfish. Porcupine fish with heads as big as a human head. In the darker areas we found good size black coral, but alive it is bright bright yellow.  Our last dive was a twighlight dive down at Punta arenas close to  Baja mainland. Interesting site with  a reef that is a big labyrinth with lots of small cracks and caverns to peek in to.  And that was it for this trip  In 6 days we dove 8 islands. 18 divesites A good variation of dives. Not as much the big animals but a lot of sea critters and chance to study a lot of behaviour. For me and the guests a great trip!  Divemaster Sten
Weather: Air temperature still in the high 80’s.  Calm winds.  Calm seas.  Clear skies.  What more could one ask for!
Water: Visibility 100 feet.  Water temperature 82 degrees

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