Wreck diving in the Sea of Cortez

Location: Espiritu Santo Island, Sea of Cortez, Baja California, Mexico
Wind had calmed down a bit but picked up in the afternoon with a norte.  We decided to make today a wreck day. Our first dive site of the day was the wreck of the Fang Ming that was sank as an artificial reef west of Espirito Santo in november 1999. We had a green turtle sleeping on the bridge. Lot of the Cortez angelfish likes to rest here as well . And on the bottom we found a shy finespotted jawfish. Just beside the wreck Mexican Barracudas circled around in the water column.  The other wreck was a newly sunk sank Mexican freighter.  It is located very close to reef which provided an option for divers who wanted to do some non-wreck diving.  It was deliberately sunk as an artificial reef 4 years ago and is already home to a lot of fish.  Especially in the maschine room is a nest for good size snappers. On the sand bottom a couple of mobulas flew by.  Last two dives we sank in to a soup of Grunts and scads so dense that we sometimes lost references of where we where. Just to lay on the bottom and see the scads getting chased by Barracuda, skipjacks, snappers , groupers, spanish makrel and California sealion was a blast!    Divemaster Sten.
Weather: Air temperature in the high 80’s, clear skies, strong winds out of the north that are scheduled to die down  (it’s a bit early in the season for a norte wind).
Water: In-water diving visibility 100 feet plus, water temperature low 80’s.

By Nautilus Staff

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