Guest Blog – Feb 9 trip to Socorro with the Giant Mantas

11 feb San Benedicto, Canyon

Hi I am Michel Maier and my dive was fantastic. The water is warmer as I expected. This dive we saw a big Manta and we heard all time the wales singing. Yesterday I saw a very big Hammerhead shark 3 meters away from us during the dives.  

Hi, my name is Beth Bleimehl. We have dived for two days and seen much.  Heard the whales sing, saw and touched Mantas, watched the dive master bet a green eel, and saw hammerheads in the distance.  We also found jumbo sized sea horses.  From the boat we have been circled by two whales and some dolphins.  And of course we eat non stop!

This is Bobby Bigwheel, the dives so far have been absolutely magnificent!!!! We saw Hammerhead Sharks and interacted with Mantas!!! Unbeliviable! And they are huge!!!!  The underwater conditions could be a little better, but it has not caused us to miss anything yet. In between dives we are being served well, to much good food!!!! And everybody of the staff is just great and making this trip unforgettable!!! Thanx for everthing so far! Now i am hoping for more different Shark species……. more on that later!

12 Feb Socorro island Cabo Pearce

What a perfect day… We had just returned from a dive at Cabo Pearce, Socorro, when a group of dolphins approached the ship. Everybody grabbed their mask and snorkle and went into the water. The dolphins were very curious and playful and stayed with us for about 30 minutes. Truely unforgetable!  Apart from that, the dives today were very exciting for some people and rather quiet for others, thats how it is… I myself wasnt too lucky with the hammerheads, I only saw one in the distance and didnt see any the last two days either, but other people have seen plenty. Now its about time to get ready for the silky shark snorkling! This is a great trip!!!  Matthias

After a rough ride to the islands we had a great start yesterday in San Benedicto. Micheal and Yvonne discovered a seahorse(!), we saw mantas and hammerheads and on one dive we had the possibility to play with mantas. After communicating with them as Stan told us  (we thought he was kidding) they really came as near that we could touch them!  Today was the first sunny day and we made 3 dives at carbo pierce. Between the second and the third dive we snorcheled with up to 9 dolphins and 30 yellowfin tuna passed by. And right now we were night~snorkeling with one silkshark and a few dolphins. I mean, if it goes on like that …. what will happen next?  I’m especially happy that my 7mm wet suit is warm enough. And apart from that we have the best service on board we could ever have. Thanks a lot to the whole great team!!!!  Verena

By Nautilus Staff

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