Oceanic whitetip shark but no giant mantas at Roca Partida

Location: Roca Partida, Socorro Island, Baja California, Mexico

We entered the water and it did not take long until we started to spot sharks, on our first dive we got the all of the normal sharks that host Roca Partida (Socorro)  –  galapagos sharks , the graceful silvertips gathering at both the cleaning station as well swimming slowly around the schools of Creol fish. a few very big yellowfin tuna burst through the panicking bait fish.  We managed to get some sharks specially the silvertips getting exited on calling them in with our special shark whispering tactic imitating panicking bait fish some times very successfulyl!  The hammerhead sharks were there but kept distance to most of us except some lucky divers who really got a hammerhead posing for them. Some thought they saw 5 mantas, but later got understood they where Mobulas.  Where do  the giant mantas go? Sometimes they are really present other times they are like gone. Captain Mike is sure of his theory that the giant mantas travel a migratory route up to Baja California and the back down through 3 of the 4 Revillagigedo Islands.  We had one sure sighting of a Longemanus.. Oceanic Whitetip! So rare in these waters that I only spotted them twice before. The humpback whales really have started to sing and it is a like meditation to just float in the blue and close your eyes and listen to them. Divemaster Sten

Weather: 6-7 ft swell anchored and staging our dives in open ocean. Cloudy all day a bit of wind 23C

Water: 22 C 73F Very clear water 30-40 m , but cause of the cloudy weather it appeared not as much. Slight current.

By Nautilus Staff

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