Lots of hammerhead sharks in gin clear water

Location: The Boiler and the Canyon,  San Benedicto Island, Socorro, Mexico

We headed out for the boiler first thing in the morning. And we got in two very nice dives with Mantas staying with us both times. Two beautiful dives that we where thankful for. So we stopped when it was still good and to get out of the swell we headed to Canyon wich was not a bad choice!! Crystal clear water no current and finally our quite cloudy trip was changing to happy sunshine. Lots of Hammerhead sharks from start to the end of our Bottom time was done, it was a big group and they came in 10-15 at a time to the cleaning station, we hardly dared to breath to scare them! On the way back to the boat we played with Mantas until our air was the issue to end our dives. Just great great finish. We had a giant  manta ray following us up to the surface just meters behind the back deck until the last minute of or water time. Sun and divers faces where shining!! What a great finish of the trip!!  Divemaster Sten

Weather: At the boiler 7ft swell, flat calm at the Canyon, Temp 28 C. And Sunshine in the afternoon

Water: Boiler 15-25 m , Canyon 40 m viz!!! 25 C 75 F No current


By Nautilus Staff

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