Guest blog Feb. 18 departure to Socorro Island

Cachalots a la sortie de Cabo san Luca, baleines a bosse a l’arrivee a San Benedicto, une alternance ininterrompue de repaset de siestes entre les deux, un requin marteau des la premiere plongee, un equipage aux petits soins. Voila un voyage qui commence bien!  PV

February 19, 2009

We arrived at Isla San Benedicto at approximately lunchtime of our 2nd day out. A fairly benign crossing from what I understand but I was glad that I brought those homeopathic Seabands for my wrists.  They seemed to do the trick or fooled my brain in to thinking that they did the trick. So well that I was able to fully partake of the delicious dinner.  The volcanic Island looks like nothing I’ve seen before; A landscape from another planet.  

First dive of a two dive day. I was in the first group down after a thorough and clear briefing (in English, then in French! The english speakers are outnumbered by almost  full boat of divers from France and Switzerland.  

The site is known as ?the Canyon?. We were the lucky group and I took footage on my low tech Sony digital video camera and Ikelite housing of several (7?, I still need to check the footage) Hammerhead sharks, and one massive Manta. You really are not prepared for the scale of these graceful giants. The vis was not great (20 feet) but still the silhouettes of these animals quickened the pulse and raised the emotion. I am looking forward to more.

Unfortunately, as is often the case, a couple of divers who did not hunker down per the briefing scared off these animals after a few minutes, and they were not to return on the 2nd dive of the day.  Still I saw an electric ray and a Scorpion fish as well as some other yet to be IDed by me schools of fish.  

At the end of day two, I am happy with what I have seen and I have likely gained a pound or two. At this rate, I may have to adjust my weighting accordingly as the trip proceeds. Now how does that work….Do I add or remove pounds for additional body fat?…  😉 Signing off for now (and to check the video)  Guest Sue

Feb 20, 2009

Dive 3

As I descended down the anchor line, I could hear a humpback whale singing. At about 60 feet I stopped and I saw a large silhouette in the distance, it was a humpback in a vertical posture. When I reached the bottom of the line, I found Sue with 3 dolphins swimming together. One split off and proceeded to put on a lovely show for our cameras. This lasted for about 5 minutes. After the dolphins left we headed North West up the lava finger where Sue spotted an Octo swimming in the open and caught it on video.  Now I know what makes this place special.  Guest David

20 feb Socorro Cabo Pierce

groupe de trois dauphins dont un faisant un show incroyable, des stars seraient sous l eau  alors? Odile

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