50 sperm whales just surfacing meters from Nautilus Explorer!!

Location: On our way to the  Canyon,  San Benedicto Island, Socorro, Revillagigedos, Mexico

On our way heading down south leaving Cabo San Lucas we started directly spot Humpbacks whales , a bit later a marlin at the surface. 30 Nautical Miles south of the cape we first spotted 3 what we first thought where humpbacks but watching the typical spout blowing a 45 degrees ahead of its blowhole we knew it was Sperm whale and suddenly we got them all around us!! Plowing through like heavy bluebird buses with their heavy squared heads, Some of them even came up to us from behind and passed just meters away from Nautilus Explorer that close that we could see their wrinkled skin Massive animal!! And many all over we estimated around 50 of them and accompanied with dolphins surfing in front of their heads. What a sight!

We arrived The Canyon in San Benedicto the next morning after a bit of a bumpy crossing.   The swell was unusually large at 8 to 9 feet but the good old Nautilus handled it really well as she always does. The first dive gave hammerhead sharks at the cleaning station for some of us. But a couple of  eager divers went straight out for them and that was it. Hammerhead sharks are really shy and I think we got our eager divers to slow down a bit. A couple of juvenile silver tip sharks swept by when they heard our “shark whisper” go off.  One giant manta passed by , but was not interested in us.  So not so much action our first dive day, And this was the place last trip that really rocked with lots of sharks and curious mantas. That’s Revillagigedos! Lets see what tomorrow will give us.  Divemaster Sten

Weather: High scattered clouds, air temperatures high 70’s, less than 10 knots of wind, calm seas at our anchorage

Water: Water temperature 73 degrees.   50 – 65 foot visibility  (which is not great for Socorro Island) that went down to 20 feet at the end of the day when a “cloud” of volcanic ash swept over the dive site.

By Nautilus Staff

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