Giant seahorse inspected by a giant manta ray

Location: The Canyon, San Benedicto Island, Socorro, Revillagigedos, Mexico

We went down this morning and found an enormous 20 cm pacific seahorse down at the sand bottom, it became an real attraction even if we had hammerhead sharks at the cleaning station and giant pacific mantas visiting us the first dive.  On the second dive a few of us went on a  mission to find it again and we lucked out finding it more or less directly under under the Nautilus Explorer. When we all sat on the sand bottom taking photos at this little creature I looked up and just a couple of meters above our heads was a giant manta ray, hovering motionless above us,   inspecting us and letting her self getting tickled by our bubbles. Quick change from Macro to Wide angle lens!!   Sea horse and manta on the same frame! Soon we had 3 mantas staying with us, we never moved further then 50 m from the Nautilus Explorer during the whole dive. It repeated it self the coming dive, giant manta and seahorse. And still we had hammerhead sharks down at the cleaning station.Last dive we gave option manta, seahorse or trying the lava field. The lava field gave a nice relaxing last dive but nothing big this time more then just before we jumped in we where watching two green turtles mating in the surface! Good day!   I love this job.  Divemaster Sten

Weather: Cloudy , quite windy, and cold for this time 20 C. On the windy side there was a 6ft swell on the west side of San Benedicto , At our anchorage at the Canyon it was calm.

Water: water temp ca 24-25 C or 76 F Viz ca 10-20 m we had very mild current and one dive  was fairly strong.

By Nautilus Staff

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