Sun-soaked silky smooth crossing to Socorro Island

Location: The Canyon & The Boiler, San Benedicto Island, Socorro, Revillagigedos, Mexico

Our first day in the water for this trip, and everyone was looking forward to it after a sun-soaked silky smooth crossing!  Weather conditions could not have been better for the start of this trip, and the transit from Cabo to Socorro Island was smooth and calm wih gentle swells from the northwest. We arrived on time for our late-morning  checkout dive at the Canyon at San Benedicto island, and although the visibility was less than usual, we were still fortunate to catch sight  of a group of 15-20 scalloped hammerhead sharks from only a few metres away! On the return swim to the boat, several of  us saw a large chevron giant manta ray, although she seemed preoccupied and not interested in staying to play with us. I  guess she was on a schedule! After the first dive we hauled anchor and moved to the west side of the island, to  finish the day’s diving at the Boiler. 2 dives there today, and we were looking forward to some manta action.  Unfortunately, as can happen with the vagaries of big animal diving, luck was not on our side and none of our local giant pacific mantas  deigned  join us today. Strange, as the Boiler has been consistently and repeatedly pulling through for us  with its mantas trip after trip! Oh well, it just goes to show that nature isn’t on a schedule, and that nothing  can be taken for granted. We have 5 more dive days in the trip, and it gives me pause to wonder at which of our  dive sites will the mantas appear! Time will tell  Divemaster Sandy

Weather: Warm, sunny and clear without a cloud in the sky.  light winds.  very low long 4 – 5 foot swell on the crossing from Cabo San Lucas to Socorro

Water: Water temperature 24C, 75F, visibility a very low 30 feet at the Canyon, 100 feet at the Boiler

By Nautilus Staff

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