Calm seas and lots of sharks at Roca Partida

Location: Roca Partida, Socorro Island, Islas Revillagigedo, Mexico

We just completed 8 scuba dives (over 2 days) at Roca Partida and I have to say we couldn’t have had better weather. To see the “Pacific” Ocean actually live up to her name is a rare thing indeed, and we were blessed with absolutely flat calm seas and still air. It felt more like a bathtub then the ocean. And how about the diving, you may ask? Superb! The large pelagic animals that gravitate to this tiny oasis of rock in an otherwise featureless blue seascape were parading by us non-stop for the whole 2 days. Hammerhead sharks, galapagos and silky sharks were in abundance as well as the usual complement of white-tip reef sharks. Huge schools of tuna, bonito, wahoo, and jacks were thick in the water, often providing dramatic photographic contrast to the big cruising sharks. The scuba dives were stunning. That having been said – and before we start sounding too much like a marketing campaign –  I must admit to a strong southerly current keeping us close to the rocks, especially the second day, and on occasion visibility would drop precipitously due to a particularly plankton-rich upwelling. On the whole, however, these last 2 days at Roca Partida have been some of the best diving I’ve seen for some time. Off to Socorro Island tonight to check in with the Mexican Navy base and track down some giant pacific mantas! Divemaster Sandy

Weather: Flat calm, slow 2-3 ft swell, hot, clear and sunny

Water: Temp 23C 73F, medium surge, strong current, visibility 40-100 ft depending on the plankton bloom

By Nautilus Staff

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