At last, love with giant pacific manta rays!

Location: The Boiler, San Benedicto Island, Socorro, Revillagigedos, Mexico

We may often write these reports lauding the encounters with silky, galapagos, and hammerhead sharks that we find around Socorro Island, but it is no great secret that the real star attraction –  the marine life that most divers come to see – are the beautiful resident giant pacific manta rays. These graceful, inquisitive, and eerily intelligent animals were being extremely coy this trip, and the sightings were much reduced. Therefore, it was to the guest’s delight (and divemasters’ relief) that the giant mantas finally came out to play, on the last dive day of the trip, here at San Benedicto Island! Conditions were beautiful, with bright sun and no current, and although the visibility was variable, the manta rays were still able to make wonderfully slow, close passes by almost all of our divers, all day. Spirits were high as we brought everyone aboard one last time, passed the mimosas around and made ready to sail to Cabo San Lucas. Everyone was in agreement that even if they chose not to make their presence known until dive day #6, the giant mantas were still highlight of the trip! Not to discount the wonderful shark action we saw at Roca Partida a few days previously, but centre stage truly belongs to the mantas. And as they say in show business, or any business for that matter, better late than never!  And such is the nature of big animal diving.  You never know when or where the giant mantas are going to show up but it is an unforgettable life experience to be savored when they do appear.  Divemaster Sandy

Weather: 5-10 knots of wind, calm at the Canyon, 5-7 feet of swell in open ocean at the Boiler, clear and sunny

Water: Temp 25C 76F,  surge at the Boiler, negligible current, visibility 30 ft at the Canyon in pumice and volcanic ash, 80 feet at the Boiler..

By Nautilus Staff

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