Dolphin mother feeding her baby with stolen fish.

Location: Windy day and stuck at the Canyon on this last day of the trip because of larger seas at The Boiler.     

The giant mantas were not as cooperative as yesterday , but hammerhead sharks where present by the cleaning stations.  Around the little pinnacle we could hear a dolphin doing a funny almost couching noise it was a mother dolphin chasing big eyed jack. It seems that her technique was to target one jack fish, getting it panicked so that it puked up a smaller fish.  The mother dolphin took the fish and swam up to the surface where the baby waited and gave it to the baby!  For the last dive of the trip, we  went  to the outer cleaning station and had a very exiting encounter with lots of hammerhead sharks. Some did not see anything.   Incredible for those who saw lots of hammerheads but disappointing for the other divers – which makes for another day of big animal diving. Divemaster Sten

Surface condition: 25 C windy with decent seas coming from north outside but calm in the anchorage. Cloudy

UW conditions 15 m Viz 45 ft, temp 25C very little current.A bit dark cause of lack of sun.

By Nautilus Staff

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