Slow and hot diving at a windy rock.

We are happy to get back to Roca Partida and managed to make 2 days even if we had a weather report that promised wind. Thanks to Captain Mike being onshore and closely  following the weather reports truly we have managed the last two years fullfill to get out to this beautiful place even if we have had to get the….out of there. It works fine

Yesterday  was a bit slow on sharks but we had a couple of friendly giant mantas, which this year has not been as common as last year.  Many years ago it was extremly rare to see them out at Roca Partida.  There were black jacks and hammerhead sharks passing by. Galapagos sharks – one female was huge and we saw her several times and she was higly pregnant. The last dive we had silvertip sharks darting around us getting exited of some of our home made shark attracters as well gets the black jacks and in moment the totally sourounded us.  Big Tuna was hunting creolfish close to the surface.  It was a bit of a sport to get back on Nautilus Explorer after last dive the wind definitely had picked up. We packed had a good meal before we lifted anchor and where on our way to our next destination San Benedicto Island.  Divemaster Sten

Surface condition: Windy mostly cloudy , with some bits of sun. 26 C 6 ft waves on average with an ocean swell and the odd 9 footer.

Underwater conditions from 15-30m warm 25C 76F Not much of current and not as bad surge.

By Nautilus Staff

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