Welcomed by a giant manta

Location: The Canyon, San Benedicto Island, Socorro, Revillagigedos

We anchored up at the Canyon on San Benedicto Island and looking in to the water it was not crystal clear so the mood went down a bit. For those divers that swam to the cleaning station, a big female hammerhead shark passed just a couple of meters beside us. Later a giant pacific manta slowly passed by but did not have any interest in us. Stiill beautiful in a bit of spooky water to see the manta ray glide over us just a meter above our heads. On the way back to the boat passing it and going to the little pinacle we called Manta rock. Well we had the manta and a very playful one following the divers and it was not only one we probably had 3 playful giant mantas in 3 different places one of them followed us to the boat.  Visibility was maybe not the best but the dive was great!  Second dive we had it repeating it self just better sharks and better viz.  Third dive we did by the lava flow and was a drift and nothing big but 3 Green Turtles that often likes to rest there.   Divemaster Sten

Weather:  clouds with little sun, temp 30 c little wind, calm seas in our anchorage but an 8 foot swell outside preventing us from doing the Boiler

Water: 74F 25 C Viz from 7-8 m to 12m in volcanic ash that the current had lifted off the bottom

By Nautilus Staff

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