Exceptional great white shark behaviour

Location: Shark Bay, Guadalupe Island, Mexico
Diving with jelly fish in Alaska is among the most spectacular diving I have ever done.  But it wasn’t scary.   Diving deep on wrecks like the Transpac in 150 foot visibility was exciting but not scary.   Lying on my stomach on a sand bottom in 30 feet of water and watching  giant sunflower stars and octopus prowling around looking for prey is super interesting but not scary.  Diving with great white sharks today was incredible, fantastic, exhilarating and – I have to admit – definitely scary at times..   The thing that is new and providing all the adrenalin are our new double decker submersible cages.   The new cages are like mini-habitats that are lowered down to 40 feet in beautiful clear water  with some divers standing on top (inside the railing) looking as if they are standing on a rooftop patio at home and other divers either hanging out on the lower level or perched on the ladders with their heads sticking out the top.  I have a fabulous photographic image of that to take home with great thanks to photographer Al Hornsby.       My second to last dive of the day started off with dumping the buoyancy tanks on the cage, starting down and WHOAAA, great white shark right in front of me in  5 feet of water.    Highlight of the day for me were 4 great whites swimming around the cage at one time.  We were ducking and weaving and I had my head on a continuous swivel as the sharks kept on swimming in from different directions..   It was fantastic and I think it would be hard to find many things more exhilarating than standing on the top deck of the cage and watching a great white shark swim past with his mouth hanging open, those famous teeth clearly visible and his eyeball on a swivel as he slowwwwwly swims past, watching me the whole time.  Captain Mike
Weather: Sunny, calm, light chop, air temperature high 70’s..
Water: Visibility 125 feet in blue water, water temperature at depth  72 degrees.

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