Guest Blog – Sept.2/09

I expected to see white sharks – which I did – but I did not expect to eat so well all week!   Dennis: I’d like to trade in my large wetsuit for an extra large! Too much fabulous food on the Nautilus Explorer!
Diana – I am grateful for the kindness and patience of the dive crew while I was getting used to the cages and the dive gear.  It was amazing to see my first Great White Shark.  The crew were outstanding and were always there when needed.
Keith – My highlight was having very close encounters with Great White Sharks with excellent visibility (125 feet plus!) while standing on top on of a cage 40 feet underwater.
Karen – I saw 6 different great white but oh my gosh I saw them over and over many many times.  What I thought was very cool (and definitely didn’t expect to do) was climb on top of the cage with the divemaster while 2 sharks were swimming past!
Dan Orr – My highlight was seeing four different great whites from the submersible cage ON ONE DIVE! It was absolutely phenomonal.
Jaclyn – The food was top-notch.  Absolutely thought it was amazing as was everything else.  It was a super great trip.
Jeff  –  I’ve done 8 dive liveaboard dive boat trips and we’ve been wanting to find something big.  This hit the nail on the head.  The great white sharks were BIG and fantastic.

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