Guest Blog – Sept.5/09

Sam – My first time seeing white sharks – a very powerful experience, especially when you see them swimming towards you, an adrenaline rush for sure. I didn’t expect to see as many sharks as I did today, definitely exceeded my expectations.
Steve – Fantastic diving, every dive there were multiple white sharks coming very close to the cages. The most exciting diving I have seen. Stunning!
Elena y Angel – Ha sido un dia increible. En todas las inmersiones hemos visto tiburones, algunos tan cerca de nosotros que podriamos haberlos tocado de habernos atrevido. La visita a las poblaciones de pinipedos es muy interesante tambien, pues puedes ver tanto lobo marino como elefante. Pese a la amenaza del huracan Jimena, las condiciones de las inmersiones han sido excepcionales, con visibilidad por encima de 30 metros. Pero somos optimistas, y seguro que los demas dias seran aun mejores!
Fred B. – C-est un voyage fantastique que je recommande a n-importe quel plongeur, les sensations sont enormes, le plaisir plus grand encore. Environ 12 grands requins blancs par jour differents passent autour de nos cages, a moins de deux metres, envie de les toucher mais je pense deux fois la chose en voyant leur superbe dentition, quel animal, pres de 6 metres de muscles et de rapidite controlee tout est magique, le bateau tout confort nous permet de le vivre dans les meilleures conditions, bravo au Nautilus, merci au capitaine et felicitations a l-equipage.
Linda – It was awesome, despite my claustrophobia!
G.W.S. diver Pauly says the diving was great. The shark action was pretty good. Can’t wait till tomorrow.  Miss my Pooh Bear.
Bruce – 40′ submersible cage was awesome!
Dave – Unbelievable…3 great white sharks, 15 feet long…and me, not inside the cage…outside, on top of the cage! Can’t imagine ANY other place I’d rather be on the planet than on the Nautilus Explorer!

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