Guest Blog – Sept. 6/09

Today I got to stand on top of the submersible cage as a Great White cruised by. The shark, scar painted, passed several times; an event to remember for life…
G.W.S. Diver Pauly says day 2 of cage diving was pretty awesome.  Spent 2.25 hours underwater and saw a couple friendly’s.  They were magnificant.
We have to report a tragedy with Doc Dave…..while leaning off the top of the submersible cage taking a three foot close-up of a Great White Shark, Captain Gordon had to pull him back…..It’s a TRAGEDY to see a grown Doctor cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Les Francais sont a Guadalupe! Les grands blancs sont avec nous! Le spectacle est au rendez-vous. Aujourd’hui il est venu nous regarder de tres pres dans la cage submersible!

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