Blue Water, White…Sharks!

Location: Isla Guadalupe, Mexico
Our second trip of the Guadalupe White Shark season began as we hope every trip begins, with great weather and a smooth crossing. Still airs as we left the dock in Ensanada gave way to a light breeze and gentle swell offshore to make for a very pleasant 180 mile crossing to beautiful Isla Guadalupe. As we neared the offshore volcanic island the swell and chop did increase a little but then disappeared again as we entered the lee of the island and dropped anchor in the amazingly clear blue waters Guadalupe is famous for. To give you an idea of the kind of visibility underwater we experience here, if we can’t see our anchor chain from the stern cages 110 feet away, it’s bad viz!
Our first morning in the cages started off fairly slow with one or two young male sharks circling intermittently, making some close passes to check us out. Things heated up though before noon with several more sharks showing up, including our first female sighted this season. Chica, as she is known, stayed with us throughout most of the day and provided some awesome photo-ops, not to mention some heart hammering moments as she cruised by close to the cages. We had as many as four of these beautiful creatures around us at one point, circling us above, below and at eye level as we sat on top of the submersible cages at 40 feet. At that point it was time duck back inside the safety of the cages and enjoy them from there. To be surrounded by these amazing 4-5 meter animals, and to experience their power, grace and speed so close-up, you get the real sense that this truly is THEIR ocean! It is a humbling and powerful experience, one that I will never tire of, and which had everyone onboard wanting more. The day ended with a presentation by Dr. Mauricio Hoyos, who spends 4 months plus each year living on Guadalupe and studying these animals. His dedication to understanding white sharks and his enthusiasm in sharing his knowledge always brings a smile to the faces of those listening. More white sharks and San Benitos kelp forests to follow! Captain Gordon
Weather: Winds light, swell nil to 3 ft, skies clear and sunny.
Water: water temp 70f, visibility 110 ft plus.
Check out a link to some video from the first trip of the season last week

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