Guest Blog – Awesome day of cage diving with great white sharks.. Aug 31/09

I love being on top of the submersible cage because it feels like you are scuba diving instead of being in a cage.   You can’t beat it.   I love it when I am the only one on top of the cage..  It was incredible. Jim.
This was an amazing white shark day.  Just amazing.   Could I have dinner in the hot tub please.  Jaclyn.
I had perfect video and was lucky enough to go down twice in the same submersible cage.   It was fabulous.  It was unbelievable.  It was perfect.  Jeff.
If only everyone had their own personal submersible cage life would be perfect.  J.
Today was shiby  (I think that means great???  Captain Mike).   Today was awesome and perfect.  Orlando.
The diving today was fantastic.  Beyond words.   It’s awe inspiring.   this is my first time on a dive boat and my first time shark diving.  I’m totally hooked.  I don’t really have the words for it.  And the cameraderie is totally cool.  Andrea.
I thought today was awesome.  One great white shark got close enough today that I could see his iris.  That’s quite something for an eye surgeon.  Karen
today was awesome.   Standing up on top of the submersible cage was incredible and so thrilling..  I could watch 360 degrees.   I thought this trip would involve sitting in a cage and seeing the occasional shark but instead it was nonstop action and really exciting..  Linh..
Being in the submersible cage today was one of the very best dives of my life. Katharine.
Today was awesome.  We had 3 sharks at once with a total of 5 sharks circling my submersible cage.  Jessie.

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