Guest Blog – Oct. 1/09

The crew and the food are absolutely phenomenal!!  They truly go above and beyond always providing food and drinks throughout the day, yes even out on the deck ready and waiting for you to get out of the water.  The master divers do a fantastic job of making sure everyone gets what they need out of the water and the best experience in the water.  They are all like a big family and make each guest feel a part of.  You will not be disappointed with this charter for your diving experiences!  — Elishama Spicer  :o)
Day 2 of diving brought new adventures. Today I learned the skills I needed to go down in the submersive cage, thanks to Pedro. It was a great experience. Can’t wait to see what adventures await me tomorrow. ~Brandon Hutton
Today was even more amazing than yesterday. We saw more sharks on every dive than yesterday as well. Towards the end of the day we saw 4 sharks with 3 of them circling the cage at the same time. We watched two males play chicken and line up to see which one was bigger. After measuring, the smaller one swam off and the bigger one continued to circle. We actually have the video to prove it. The food is amazing as well as the staff. It would be hard to pick a favorite. Today in the hot tub after diving we were all talking about another trip. I have not had the nerve to get on the top of the cage yet but hopefully tomorrow I will. Emails were exchanged today as well. I feel like this has been an education as well. I have learned alot about the sharks that I can’t wait to go home and share with my family and friends that are divers. Anna K. R. Curran.

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