Guest Blog – Oct.10/09

Everything was great! But don’t let Sten drive the cage, because then you’ll have to do a free-water dive! Add an additional adrenaline rush at the end. The sharks are awesome! Craig
I saw four amazing sharks. It was cool to see that they’re bigger than the cages, and Kim is not going to marry Big Papa! – Cheryl
The opposite of suck. An incredible adventure, saw a shark on every dive. – Chris
Shredder was the first to show and kept the day rolling. The best action was around midday. – Alistair
The day was smurf-tastic. – Duncan
It turns out that the single-handed underwater sign for “shark” means “bastard” in ASL. – Jeff
We only saw 8 different sharks. I hope tomorrow is better. – Valerie

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