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Location: Ensenada to Guadalupe, Baja California North
Imagine a dive trip where you get to dive with Great White sharks, followed by sea-lions in an untouched kelp forest, followed by Giant Manta Rays, dolphins, hammerheads, silkies, and galapagos sharks, to name only a few. I don`t think there is anywhere else in the world you could do this, which is why I am so excited for our latest expedition of which we have just completed dive day 1. We departed Ensenada, Mexico yesterday morning, a day late due to heavy swell offshore. Despite the forecast we had one of our smoothest crossings of the season out to Isla Guadalupe and were treated to a rare encounter with several big Orcas, only a few miles out of the harbor, who swam alongside the vessel for at least 10 minutes before swimming off in search of their next meal. Conditions here at Guadalupe once we arrived were great above the surface, sunny skies and calm seas with no wind to speak of. Visibility however was a little soupy due to heavy swell the previous couple of days. First part of the day in the cages was very quiet, with only a couple of quick shark sightings as one cruised by just on the edge of our visibility. Around 2 pm though our hero for the day showed up, with her very distinctive caudal fin deformed from an injury, once Lucy decided she wanted to play she wasn`t going anywhere. She provided us all with plenty of thrills as she charged up from the depths towards our submersible cages, circling us in tight formation and making plenty of eye contact. It always makes me smile when a guest climbs out of the cage after their first ever white shark encounter and starts shouting for joy before they can even say one word! Two more days of white sharks and then we`re off to San Benitos, 155 miles to the east, for some world class kelp diving. We`ll be ending the trip with 5 days of diving at the Ìslas Revillagigedos, better known as Socorro, a further 590 miles south of San Benitos, featuring the most interactive Giant Manta Rays in the world. Can`t wait to get back in the water!
Water: Temp 67 F, 19 C,  Visibility 50 ft
Weather: Skies clear, seas calm, winds light

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