Guest Blog – Nov. 12/09

It seems to be impossible to find the right word for the great moments I had at Guadalupe. Right after we left Ensenada a group of common dolphins joint us and just some moments later 5 orcas showed up. What a great start! As soon as we reached the Islands the cages where brought into the water and we saw 3 different great whites during the days we stayed here. Being so close to the “emperor of the see” spend us memorable and unforgettable moments. And more than that: During sunrise 5 Bairds beaked whales showed up. They offered us the opportunity to watch them very closely from the dingy and the great shots we took will be another perfect souvenir. I waited almost 2 years for that trip and now I enjoy every single second. I am looking forward to the coming days. The sea lions are hopefully waiting for us in the kelp forest.
Thanks a lot to whole crew, which guides us perfectly from one highlight to the other. Its breathtaking. Britta, Germany

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