Diving with Socorro's Giant Mantas and friendly bottle nose dolphins.

Location: Punta Tosca, Socorro Island, Revillagigedo’s, Mexico
Today was one of this just magic days. One of this dives that will be in the memory of us who dived it for the rest of our life.
Direct on our decend at Punta Tosca we get visual contact with giant manta and dolphins. And they stay with us and just want to play , a black manta and especially one dolphin stay with us the whole dive and play with us. I recognise this dolphin since 3 years ago when it that time swam straight up to me and hugged me with her flippers!! She was giving love bites on my fingers and once she grabbed my fins when I swam away from her and pulled me back to her! And here she is again and she goes to every one of the divers and stop in front them in a vertical position and wiggle her tail to keep her position and letting the divers come directly in  to her!! She seems to share with every body as long the you are gentle and not to pushy. How often is it that you can set your camera on macro mode and take photo of just the eye of the dolphin (with out flash!) Other dolphins where visiting us as well and let us come close but they come and go don’t stay as this one.
At the same time the dolphin attend us a black Giant Manta is attending us as well the whole dive like the two where competing of attention, At one time they even touch each others!! We are just overwelmed by this that sometimes you dont know where to turn manta or dolphin? Which one to choose to play with.
After 1 hr we are out of air and bottom time the manta stay under us and the Dolpin comes up with us to the surface, and just before the skiff come to pick us up she goes of as a bullet and jumps out of the water and crashes back in the sea and is disapeard.
One full hour of playing non stop!! Images are incredible but most of all what we have in our head and heart of this beautiful magic dive stays with us forever.
Weather: A bit windy and cloudy, long swell that did not bother much.

Water: 25 C viz ca 15-20 m very light to no current.

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