Hammerhead sharks, dolphins playing and giant mantas circling

Location: Punta Tosca, Socorro Island, Revillagigedo’s, Baja California
After the navy inspection we headed out to Punta Tosca.
I went down to check out the dive site and had immediately two giant mantas coming in towards me.
Going down the first scuba dive they where there. And divers started to do their filming and shooting at the giant mantas. Looking around a school of hammerhead sharks passes over our head , most did not see it as they where occupied watching the manta rays. Behind the hammerheads suddenly a group of 4-5 dolphins passes through and totally surprises several divers swimming straight up in front of our masks like saying Hey what about us?! At this time a thought is going through your mind is this really happening? I am looking up above me , there are the hammerheads, two meters in front dolphins looking and playing and then two giant mantas circiling around us.  7 giant mantas that dive .  Also we saw a stingray swim straight up to a giant manta and followed it for a quiet a while and then the passing mobula at the same time.  A good day!
Weather: Cabo Pearce sunny just a little wind, some swell, temp 30 C
Water: Viz from 90 ft to 40 ft depending of where you were. Average 70 ft. Temp 25 to thermaclime at one spot 23 C.  None to moderate current.

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