Scalloped hammerheads, curious Giant mantas and Bottlenose dolphins saying good bye.

Location: The Canyon and the Boiler by San Benedicto, Socorro Island and Revillagigedos.
We finished of our last two days at San Benedicto which is the island 36 miles to the north of Socorro Island.  The island is actually very green compared with last year, greener then we ever seen it before. It is in real all a ask and lava island since the eruption in the 50’s. But each year a bit more vegetation is growing more and more.
First day we stayed at the Canyon and went diving on the cleaning station and yes we got sharks! Nice passes of hammerhead sharks and close by passes as we where hidden close the rocks at the bottom and they made several passes. The giant mantas were not as eager but made a few passes for some of us divers.
Second day we made a great morning dive at the Canyon, and got a  few sharks on the cleaning station , but better a curious manta that followed us all the way to the boat and made nice passes around us.
We lifted anchor and finished our trip with the Boiler. Conditions where right. And so where the mantas and the dolphins!! This group of dolphins we recognice by one scared male that are very close up to us and like dancing in front of you standing up vertical in the water. He stayes always a feet or two away from you and slowly sinks towards the bottom like a mermaid calling you down into the deep.  And a mother with a baby. Nice to see them again and the baby has grown up to a teenager and did his own approach with a smiley face all by him self.
After the dolphin encounter we got 3 different  Giant mantas around us interacting and coming and going over and over again just in between the Boiler and Nautilus Explorer.
It is time to say Good bye for a while to Revillagigedo. Good trip with many encounters of friendly mantas and Dolphins and good sharking as well especially the hammerheads this trip.
After our dinner we started our cruise up north to Cabo San Lucas. It was a smooth and sunny ride up. It helps extra getting it smooth with a Nautilus Explorer that is a steel hull and having both stabilizers under the boat as well a water stabilizer on  the topdeck called Flumetank that kind of counterweight the movement of the Nautilus. A smart invention some clever guy have invented.
A bit sad to leave after great trip and great people on board.
Weather: First day a bit windy and made us decide to stay in protection of san Benedicto at the Canyon. Next day much much calmer and nice for the Boiler. 26 C moderate wind and 4-5 ft waves.
Water: Temp varied between 23- 26 C and as well the viz from 30ft to 80 ft. Mild current

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