Guest Blog – Dec.6/09 – Searching for the Hammerheads!

Maggie:    The divemaster made sure I saw the Manta that was only 4 feet above my head…I was staring at my computer and was oblivious to 4 divers waving their arms at me…then I looked up and thought: WOW!!! That made the dive.  And I must have seen every tropical fish in the book today.  The Canyon is a great dive.
Vicki: Hammerheads are a darn big fish when you see them, as I did, for the first time underwater at San Benitos today.
Gary: The visibility at The Canyon in San Benedicto was marginal but I’ll take poor visibility for the chance to see hammerhead sharks any day.  And any diving is better than working!
Scott: Yo dude, in my, like, you know, 63 years this is, like, you know, the most, you know, like awesome diving I’ve ever seen.  Like, you know!
Pierre:  Today was like Jersey diving…with fish…and a little bit warmer as well!
Mark: Diving with Nautilus Explorer sure beats working! What a great start to the week with scalloped hammerheads and mantas on the first two dives.
Matt: I put my face in the water right off the back of the Nautilus Explorer today and immediately saw a Giant Manta.  This guy was maybe 14 feet across! Incredible!

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