Guest Blog – Dec. 15/09

The Visiblity today was mediocre, though the last dive of the day made my the day with dozens of Hammerhead sharks, one even came as close as 3 feet away from ME !! – ALEX
Today I went down and saw a File fish and a Nudibranch, Dive master Pedro Informs me if I want to see the Pelagic creature I have to take my eyes of the ocean floor. TED
Today was my Birthday and also my 1st dive in the Pacific Ocean, on my 1st time in the Pacific I saw a Moorish idol , Clarion Angel fish, Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks, and two beautiful Giant Manta Rays ! Now thats a good birthday !!!! SUSAN
Estabamos buceando entre martillos y de repente ha aparecido entre ellos un tiburon tigre. Nos ha mirado y ha pasado a unos cuatro metros de distancia. Como estabamos en deco nos hemos tenido que marchar. Era la primera vez que veiamos un tigre!!!!! -MARIA DOLORES
Hoy he visto dos mantas, una se llamaba Patricia y otra Daniela. IMPRESIONANTE…..RAFA

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