Guest Blog – Dec. 11/09

Matt: Giant Manta, Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins, Hammerhead Sharks and a Whale Shark all seen in one 25 minute dive: Excellent.  You can’t compress more good things into 25 minutes than that!  For me, by far, the greatest dive of the week.
Corey: Tiger Shark, Dolphins, Giant Manta Rays: just another crappy dive on the Nautilus Explorer!
Marion: I can’t pick a favorite dive.  I liked all of them for so many reasons.  How can you compare the Hammerhead Sharks in The Canyon at San Benedicto Island to playing with dolphins in the clear waters of Socorro.  And what is with all the Green Moray Eels! They are everywhere.  Incredible and magical.  Thankyou Nautilus Explorer for the trip of a life time.
Gary: Hanging out alone on the north side of Roca Partida in the Islands of Revillagigedo with Hammerhead Sharks closing in and only a Sea Lion for company was the best moment of my trip.  That was an unbelievable dive.
Barbara:  I was so impressed by the enthusiasm of the Nautulus Explorer’s divemasters and their constant attention to my needs.  I felt safe and got to see so much more than I imagined due to their expert guidance.  Thankyou Pedro and Dan!  You guys were a lot of fun.
Pierre:  The success of the entire week was dependant on an outstanding crew making complex logistics happen smoothly and without problems. However, the Nautilus Explorer could do well with a head on the dive deck!  This is one of the best dive adventures in my lifetime and I’ve been on a lot of dive adventures!
Sherry:  The hostesses of the Nautilus Explorer were so accomodating.  I like my margaritas a certain way and they made them that way and they were perfect everytime!  All the diving was so wonderful.  This trip showed me places above and below the water I never dreamed i would get to go.  I thought places like this were reserved for the likes of Jacques Costeau.  It was a special week and the most special moment of them all: The Dolphins at Socorro Island.
Vicki:  Three things stand out from my trip on the Nautilus Explorer:  Octopus kisses! Giant Manta love.  And a Tiger Shark where there was no kisses or love, thank goodness!  But what a story! What a week!

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