Guest Blog – Dec. 9/09 – Diving with Giant mantas, and feeding sharks

I have been diving for forever, and one of the best dives I have ever done was yesterday at Roca Partida. Every critter you can think of was out there feeding, white tips and silver tips actively hunting, 4 scallop hammer head sharks just hanging in the current, the dive finished up with 2 giant mantas feeding in the ice cold up wellings,  seriously one of the best dives i have ever done !!! fantastic – MARK
Roca Partita, a trutly spectacular dive, just about one of every critter you could possibly want to see, the bet part about it was the  Giant mantas that approached us as soon as we entered the water staying with us for the next 30 minutes, one even did a summersault right in fount of me!!!!!. The next day the 6 dolphins that visited us, was just about as spectacular, they came to visit on the 1st dive of the day at soccoro Island, after a few passes they decided we where not sufficiency interesting enough and disappeared of into the blue, what a dive. –  MAGGIE
I saw an octopus and by the time Vicky showed up to check it out, it had become and crackdopus !!! – COLIN
A day or 2 ago Pedro found us a Giant manta at the Boiler. The manta stayed and played with us, swimming around and around, circling us, after having our fill of Manta time we headed off to see the lobsters, the manta followed right behind us, we even swum around to the far side of the boiler in search for sharks and all we found was another manta !!!!!!!!!! ssooooooooooooo awesome !!!  everyday we have seen something really special, feeding sharks, scallop hammerhead shark, and even a dive with the dolphins !! – MARIAN
So many green Morays at Roca Partida, I found my dive buddy “Chip” and showed him the place, he got a great shot of two moray eels side by side. –  JACK
A Manta attack !!! sitting with my back against the wall at roca partida, a manta came from the depths swimming vertically heading straight up towards me, at the last second just as the manta was about to collide with me he rolled over onto his back, as he brushed by me we looked eye to eye with each other, he was just as surprised as I !!!! –  P.G
swimming with The Mantas at the Boiler was a religious experience, I had only ever seen the mantas in books or on the TV, never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would be able to swim with one inches away from my finger tips. being able to see them up that close is more then I can ever explain. no words can describe it, it was a gift from God. – SHERRY

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