5 dive days to Christmas at Socorro Island.

Location: Cabo Pearse, Socorro Island, Revillagigedos, Baja California
Hard to imagine from our calm and ideallic anchorage at Socorro Island in the Revillagigedos.   We are anchored at Cabo Pearse at Socorro and my thoughts have been occupied with giant mantas, uber friendly dolphins and loads of sharks.
Ashley, our hostess, commented this morning how much she loves Christmas Carols and it took two beats for me to realize: It’s five dive days to Christmas!
Usually, I think it doesn’t matter what day of the week it is at sea.. phase of moon, yes; time to high water slack, check; Monday?.. what’s the point, right?
In this hemisphere we usually associate the week before Christmas with a certain hustle, bustle and accompanying dismally low temperatures.
I could be forgiven for the slow uptake when I’m as relaxed and sunkissed as if on Vacation. The weather this voyage since our departure has been an
unvarying idyll of every shade of azure sky and postcard perfect sunsets. The climate is also ideal: sunny, warm days of temps in the upper ’70’s F and shirtsleeves warm nights; benign seabreezes and none of the nettlesome humidity found ashore. And even if I do no more than dip a toe in the ocean, I can attest to a tepid sea.. many of our guests this week went diving in shorts and t-shirts.  All in all it just doesn’t feel like December 20th, and that’s just fine with me.  Happy Holidays.  Captain Marco.
Weather: Sunny, warm with calm seas and calm winds. Surface temp 82’F
Water: Temperature  77’F at depth.  Visibility  60 feet.

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